A man who tells the world that he wants more wives will nearly always experience great persecution… from his wife! This is obviously not the type of persecution we have come to associate with religious persecution. And yet, it is extremely painful. If you have endured this kind of persecution then you know that it is more painful than if you had been put in stocks in the public square. You have been looked upon with hatred by your wife and been told that you must pretend that your God given urges, which you’re convinced can only be righteously satisfied by having more than one wife, are dirty. Maybe this is not you. Maybe you have kept a painful silence or maybe you’re simply seeking the truth. Whatever your situation, we are here to lend support and Biblical doctrine that can help you.
However, there are men among us, polygamists, who claim to be ministers but make a mockery of it. They preach to be popular and not to make God’s Word known. They make hypocritical and ascetic pronouncements that compound the pain of men dealing with unsupportive wives. Why would they do this? They have theirs. They have already acted on their need to have more wives. Now they have become pious in their pronouncements and blind to the reality that men with a need for more than one wife face. These men claim that the desire for intimacy had nothing to do with their taking more wives. If that is so, imagine the poor additional wives, undesired! Of course we know this is not the case. Another reason why they do this is because their wives financially support them, imagine two wives to support you. Some so called ministers are living this kind of lie!  They’re not even man enough to get a real job and support themselves and their wives! Finally, such men fear losing the government non-profit status they have. Hypocrites they are! They’ve got their additional wives and now they want to stop other ministers from taking additional wives by preaching their so called love not force doctrines. Worst of all, they claim that if you are not “called of God” to take another wife that you are committing a sin! They speak against Rome and Matriarchy and yet they are more dependent on women than the average monogamist minister. Can you imagine a minister claiming that you must be “called of God” to take your first wife? It is no different when a polygamist claims that you must be “called of God” to take a second wife. Both declarations are unscriptural and unholy. God provided a wife to Adam as a helpmeet. It was Adam’s need and not Adam’s calling that led God to provide a wife for him. By laying claim to having been “called of God” into taking a second wife such polygamists are in effect, claiming that they have been anointed? This would be the same as if men who had one wife claimed that by having taken one wife they had been anointed. That it was the outward manifestation of their anointing.
Why do we criticize some of those who practice polygamy, the marital state that we believe may be for us? Because we must prevent polygamy from becoming a cover for immorality. Neither marriage to one woman nor marriage to many women should be used as a cover for immorality.
So what should men with more than one wife who are laying claim to the ministry do? They should support their wives without asking other men to do so. They should stop trying to support their wives through the guise of the ministry. They should separate from those wives who have not been divorced according to Scripture from their former husband. They should withdraw from the ministry rather than change their ministry for they have been liars. Finally, they should confess publicly that their ministry has been nothing more than an attempt to earn a living.
Because of the tremendous amount of unscriptural and unscrupulous misinformation that has been given out by other so called ministries to the polygamous, we have chosen NOT to be a ministry to the already polygamous. You don’t need a ministry such as this. You have your family and your wives. If you claim you are persecuted but live within the borders of the United States, you are lying. Grow up, you’ve got more than one wife! You better be grown up!
On the other hand, men who seek polygamy but whose wives are hostile to the idea, are isolated, alone, and often distraught. This ministry is for them. Such men typically have wives whose reaction to the concept of polygamy is so great that they never broach the subject again. Many have lived in nearly intolerable marriages since the moment they brought up the concept of polygamy, even in theory. They often fear the loss of their wife, children, and even their business, in the event of a civil divorce. It is sad that marriage has come to mean submission to women in today’s world. But for many, that is the case. We will be adding information to this website that helps such men protect their assets and parental rights as we proceed.
For such men, there is hope! This website is a starting point for many of you. For others, it is a last resort in your quest to feel whole. We will work together to pray and make you whole again.
Again, this website is NOT for men who already are living in successful polygamous unions. How in the world you even have time to view this website is beyond me.
So this is a starting point. Let’s begin.