This Ministry

Hi, my name is Don Milton. I’m an American businessman & Preacher. I live in the Philippines for a portion of the year and the rest of the year in Arizona. My family includes at least one wife, and we have children. We are Born Again Christians in accordance with John 3:3-7 & 1 Peter 1:23 and we have “come out of her.”

Patriarchal Christianity

In the mid 1990s I registered and began placing my articles about Patriarchal Christianity on that website. Some of those articles were the beginnings of my novel, The Prince of Sumba. In July 1998 I registered this website and a number of others and moved all the contents of the prior site to

With the thought that I could prevent their misuse I registered and continue to register names such as:

I feared that a day would come when someone would lay claim to these names as if they invented them and pervert them into some kind of cult.

There were primarily 5 Christian Patriarchy ministries on the Internet in 1997 if you include mine. What you find on is exactly what I had on that site except that it has been expanded upon and edited.

I continue to add as time permits to the various Christian websites that I own.

My marital status is definitely married.

In marriage, both the man and the woman are free to live their lives in accordance with Scripture. If a man sees fit to take another wife he may. As in all decisions he should seek wise counsel and consider the consequences.

A woman typically has more freedoms than she exercises in her marriage, however it is adultery if a woman has a carnal relationship with a man other than her husband and it is fornication if she even associates with another man without the permission of her husband. A man is head of the woman and this should not be taken lightly.

For many men it is not a choice of whether to take another wife. It is a matter of physical and spiritual necessity. To be clear, it is not a sin to take an additional wife to “satisfy” ones own needs. Marriage was invented by God in order to satisfy the needs of man. For Adam there was found no suitable helpmeet, so God created woman. Now, in order to avoid immorality it is important that no preacher deny a man this right to have his own God given desires satisfied in a way that is appropriate before God. This means that in order to avoid immorality a man should not be discouraged from taking an additional wife that lives with him or even a secret wife.

A man must consider that he must be part of his varied households in sufficient amounts of time to prevent his sons from lacking appropriate male role models. If a man does not take this into consideration he is risking that his sons may turn out to be homosexual. Let’s not be irresponsible with our families. We are called upon to go forth and multiply but not in such a way that we will cause more problems than we solve.

God bless your families.